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The school board approves the Local Control Accountability Plan.
The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a new document designed to help guide the school district’s spending and student programs over the next three years. Recently, the state of California changed the way that money is provided to schools. As part of those changes, school districts must create a written plan to show how the funding will be spent to ensure student success. In SMBSD, the LCAP provides information about additional educational opportunities for students such as expanded tutoring, more afterschool programs and targeted instruction from specialized teachers. The plan also outlines improvements to students’ access to technology, expansion of the Physical Education and Fine Arts programs, additional student health and counseling support, and parent education classes.  The LCAP will be reviewed every year and updated every three years as the district sees the successful results of its new and expanded programs.

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Recent News and Events

Website Training
District Trains New Webmasters
Schools have provided two days of intensive training for the new webmasters at each school.
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new school
Progress on the new elementary school
In November of 2013 the acquisition of property to build a new K-6 campus was approved by the board of education. Much of the construction is in progress and continues as we prepare for the targeted opening in August 2015. Naming of the new school will take place in December - February 2014-15.
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