Current Certificated Opportunities

Employment Opportunities for Current Employees:
Santa Maria-Bonita Contracted Employees Only 2017-18:  Any questions please contact Human Resources at 361-8128. 

Home Hospital Instruction is working with one-on-one with a student at their home (with an adult present at all times), one hour a day, plus one hour prep per week, for a maximum of six hours/week per student.  Pay is $35.00 an hour plus mileage (one way) when going from site to home.  If anyone is interested, they can call Nancy Garza at ext. 8144 for more details and/or questions. 

TEACHER TUTOR POSITIONS NEEDED FOR 2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR - 3 to 3 1/4 hr positions Available.  Grade levels and times vary per sites.
  $35.00 an hr. Tutors require a CA Multiple Subject Teacher Credential or English/Language Arts credential/supplemental acceptable.  These positions work perfect for someone working outside the District with another part-time position.  Please call with any questions to HR at (805) 361-8128.  If you are currently working for SMBSD as a tutor, and are interested in the 2017-18 school year, please submit the first page of the Teacher Tutor application and state 2017-18 school year and return to Human Resources.  If you have any questions, please call 361-8128.


For information and questions regarding positions please contact:

Marina Muscio