Surplus Items

Surplus Items

When items, supplies or equipment are unusable, the school district's process for disposal outlined in Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3270 is allowed.  After declared obsolete by the Board, some items are available for sale to the general public.    

The items listed below have been posted on Craigslist or eBay for purchase.  If you see an item you are interested in purchasing, please click on the item and you will be  redirected to the website where it is currently posted for sale.  

 All large items must be picked up promptly at the District warehouse by appointment only.  All shipping charges (for small items only) will be paid for by the successful bidder. 



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In accordance with the requirements of California Education code 60510, public notice is hereby given that the Santa Maria-Bonita School District has surplus instructional materials for sale or donation. A list of the surplus materials is available on the Santa Maria-Bonita School District Website at the following link:

Obsolete Items

Surplus Materials will be available in approximately 60 days. For further information, please contact the Santa Maria-Bonita School District Purchasing Office at (805)-361-8175.