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Gene Blackwell, Carolyn Kleinsmith, Donna Martins, Mark Muller, Scott Roy, Terry Ruskauff, Vern Sanborn, Jeanie Steller, Lisa Wray, Brian Drewniak, Chairperson -361-8255. The following information is prepared for the teachers and staff of the Santa Maria-Bonita School District.  It is intended to serve as a reference source on where to find more specific information on safety issues as well as names,  phone numbers, and web pages to get additional help.



Primary contacts for help with Board Policy Issues:
Mark Muller, Coordinator of Pupil Personnel 361-8141

Phil Alvarado, Superintendent 361-8111

Index Location             Title

0450                            Comprehensive Safety Plan

1312.1                                 Complaints Concerning School Personnel

5020                            Parents Rights and Responsibilities

5112.1                                 Exemptions from Attendance

5113                                     Absences and Excuses from Attendance

5131                            Conduct

5131.1                         Bus Conduct

5132                            Students Districtwide Dress Code and School Uniform Policy K-8

5137.7                         Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

5141.4                         Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Procedures

5144                            Discipline Punishment

5144.1                         Suspensions and Expulsions

5144.2                         Suspensions and Expulsions (Students with Disabilities and/or Handicap) 

5145.7                         Student Sexual Harassment


Safety at School Information


Contact: Brian Drewniak, Coordinator of Facilities, Maintenance, and Transportation Maintenance and Operations 361-8260 Fax 346-8608

Issues regarding the Employee Injury and Illness Prevention Program are governed by Senate Bill 198.  Call for help with specifics.

Board Policy and Administrative Regulations regarding facilities are in sections 35140 through 35163 and 5142.


1.  All district employees shall report known or reasonably suspected child abuse to a child protective agency by telephone at (805) 346-7127 or 1-(800) 346-0166 immediately and in writing within 36 hrs. Child abuse reporting forms are now accessible thru webpage;

The reporting duties are individual and cannot be delegated to another individual.

 Click here to download form (DOJSS 8572)  

2.  Telephone report must be made immediately or as soon as practical upon suspicion.  The report will include:

 a. Name of the person making the report.

b. Name of the child

c. Present location of the child

d. Nature and extent of any injury

e. Any other information requested, including the information that led the mandated reporter to suspect child abuse. 

3.  When child abuse occurs on school property or while a student is under school supervision follow mandated reporting duties as above.  Notify principal or immediate supervisor. 


It is important that issues related to facilities begin with notification to your site administrator FIRST.

Facilities issues….

1. Request Site Administrator submit an electronic work order on SPMM's with a description of the safety issue and/or work requested.  Most Maintenance Work Orders with a safety issue are called or faxed to Maintenance and Operations immediately and usually have a same or next day response.  If no response within 3 days, check with your site administrator.

2. Safety Hazard/Suggestion Form


Board Policy Binders are located in each site office and soon to be made available on the network. Consult your site administrator first. For weekend or after hour emergencies contact: TelTec Security at 1-800-292-9227

For help with student related issues contact:

Mark Muller, Pupil Personnel Services 316-8141 or 361-8144

Emergency Supply Kit Inventory

On the Web: – has a convenient search engine – entire code with pointers to specific sections

You may also call the SMEEA office for help at 922-6000

Safety Training Online (SBCEO Safety)