An Out of State Travel Request

Out of State Travel Request

Travel out of state is only permitted with prior Board approval. 

To travel out of state for a conference, field trip or other allowable travel begin by seeking approval from the site administrator.  

After approval by the site administrator, the request must be submitted to Instructional Services to prepare a Board action item for presentation to the board.   The request needs to be accompanied with details and  information regarding the date(s), length of travel,  cost, budget, destination, transportation method, reason for travel, etc.   This Board item must be approved prior to the commencement of the trip.  

If you need guidance with this process, please contact Olivia Bolanos ext. 8152 or Peggy Perdue ext. 8146  in the Curriculum Department for assistance. 

Please plan accordingly as this process may take more than a  month to secure approval.