Enterprise Car Rental Instructions


 Reservation process (long version) . . .


  1. Log on to Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Web Site at www.enterprise.com
  2. Pick the Enterprise location where you would like to pick up your rental vehicle.  
  3. -->  You can use the Airport link to choose one of our Airport locations; or
  4. -->   Enter the Zip Code, City or State you are looking for.
  5. Enter the Dates and Times of your desired reservation.
  6. Enter your Account Number: DB30J14 in the “Optional: Corporate Account or Customer Number” Box.
  7. -->   You will be prompted to enter the first 3 Characters of your Company’s Name, please enter SAN in this box.
  8. Choose the rental location most convenient for you.
  9. -->  If you entered a specific location or airport, you will then be directed to that location.
  10. -->  If you entered a zip code, city or state, you will be given a list of Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in the area you have requested from which to choose.
  11. At the next screen you can select your vehicle.
  12. Enter your Name (First & Last), home phone number, and email address.
  13. You will be given a confirmation number and the option to have a confirmation emailed to you.
  14. You will need to have a valid Driver’s License, Reservation Number, and Travel Card to pick up the vehicle.

By Phone

  1. You can:
  2. -->  Contact your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental branch, or
  3. -->  Dial 1-800-RENT-A-CAR to be connected to the closest branch to you.
  4. Provide the branch with your Account Number: DB30J14.
  5. The rental branch will set up a reservation that fits your needs and provide you with a reservation number.
  6. You will need to have a valid Driver’s License, Reservation Number, and the Travel Card to pick up the vehicle.

Local rental car locations for Santa Maria Valley follow: 

(Note:  The district saves when we rent from the Broadway vs. the Airport location due to additional tourism and airport concession fees.) 

Other locations outside of Santa Maria are available (click here www.enterprise.com) to locate.