Human Resources

All names are linked to email addresses.

Patty Grady, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
(805) 361-8120

Margaret Ontiveros
Coordinator for Human Resources
(805) 361-8122

Chris Arebalo  
Supervisor for Human Resources
 (805) 361-8116 

Hannah Class, Employee Benefits Clerk
(805) 361-8124 
Confidential HIPAA fax (805) 346-1831
Contact Regarding: Medical, dental, vision, or life insurance, worker's compensation

Employee Benefits Link

Maria "Lorina" Diaz, Personnel Clerk II
(805) 361/8115
Contact Regarding: Classified recruitment, classified staffing, paraprofessional qualification (NCLB), Extra Time/Help inquiries. 

Melissa Gutierrez, Personnel Clerk II
(805) 361-8129
Contact Regarding: Classified recruitment, classified staffing, Migrant Extended day, supplemental programs.

Kathy Heimbuch, Personnel Clerk II
(805) 361-8126
Contact Regarding:  Classified employee pay (pay rates, extra hours/time, etc.), leaves.

Melissa Maxwell, Personnel Clerk II
(805) 361-8125
Contact Regarding:  Certificated Pay (stipends, extra work, impact on pay due to leaves, etc.), salary advancement, leaves, Digital Schools timepiece support.

Marina Muscio, Personnel Clerk II
(805) 361-8128  
Contact Regarding: Certificated recruitment, credentialing, certificated staffing (Tutors; intersession; substitutes)                              

Nora Vargas, Personnel Clerk II  
(805) 361-8127  
Contact Regarding: Classified recruitment, classified staffing, paraprofessional qualification (NCLB).

Savanah Smith, Personnel Clerk I
(805) 361-8121 
Contact Regarding: Substitute Teacher Service, Testing for employment, Professional Growth, Volunteers, job application general inquiries. 

Resource Pages:

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Employment Policy Handbook
No Child Left Behind