Action Teams

What is an Action Team?

Action teams are a function of our professional association. There is an action team for each curricular area. These An educator, selected by SMEEA, serves as the Action Team Chair or Co-Chair. [All school sites are represented either by an Action Team Chair, Co-Chair or by a Site Representative.] Teams are composed of teachers, parents and administrators who meet regularly as curriculum advocates to address curricular matters.

 History/Social Studies

 Written Language


 Exploratory Modular

Math Schedule


 Physical Education

 Educational Technology

 Wellness and Health

  Special Education

 Fine Arts

 Reading and Language

 English Language Development

 Early Childhood Education

What do Action Teams do?

  • Provide assistance in the adoption of District-based instructional materials and programs
  • Assist with the systematic piloting/evaluation of instructional materials prior to recommending adoption
  • Develop subject-area instructional guides in alignment with state frameworks and standards, handbooks and curricular guides
  • Become a district information resource on curricular concerns, issues, and projects
  • Conduct a review of current research, scholarship, methodology and technology in curricular areas
  • Complete curricular projects and district-wide activities
Teachers are encouraged and welcome to take part as a member of an Action Team.

For Action Team meeting dates and times, contact
Olivia Bolaños, Director of Curriculum and Instruction,
at (805) 928-1783, Ext. 8152.