Staff Development Certificate Program

Staff Development Certificate Program (SDCP) for Certificated Employees

Teachers with 1-14 years of service credit are eligible to participate in the Staff Development Certificate Program.

(Reference Article 15 of the SMEEA contract.)

If you complete 30 hours of district approved workshops, trainings and/or inservices, you are eligible for a $500 stipend paid over a two-year time period.

      Staff Development Certificate Program Timeline:

Course Taken 

Application Deadline 

 Stipend Paid

 May 1, 2007 thru
April 30, 2009

 April 30, 2009

 May 2009
 May 2010

 May 1, 2008 thru
April 30, 2010

 April 30, 2010

 May 2010
 May 2011

 May 1, 2009 thru
April 30, 2011

 April 30, 2011

 May 2011
 May 2012

 May 1, 2010 thru
April 30, 2012

 April 30, 2012

 May 2012
 May 2013

Teachers with 14+ years can use staff development for longevity professional growth. Contact Chris Arebalo at (805) 928-1783, Ext. 8125 or Marina Muscio at Ext. 8128 in the Human Resources Department for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I know which workshops are district approved?

A: An approved course list is available in the Curriculum and Instruction/IMC Department for your reference. Please come into the second floor of the Souza Center to the Curriculum and Instruction/IMC Department if you need assistance.

Q: What if the workshop/inservice that I attended is not on the approved list?

A: Credit may be granted for courses not listed in this directory if you submit a Staff Development Certificate Program Application for Course Offering Exception (form 1705B) to the Curriculum Department for approval by April 1. In addition, be sure to obtain the course presenter's signature, your Principal’s signature OR your Assistant Principal’s signature on form 1705A, verifying your attendance.

Q: How will I receive credit for workshops attended?

A: If the workshop/inservice is on the approved list, you will need to complete a Staff Development Certificate Program Verification (form 1705A) and have it signed off by the course presenter, your principal or your assistant principal to verify your attendance. When you have accumulated 30 hours, submit your verification forms, together with a Staff Development Certificate Program Application (form 1705) to the Curriculum Department. The last date to submit your application to quality for the current fiscal year is April 30th. Applications received May 1st and later will be applied toward the following fiscal year schedule.

Q: When will I receive my payments?

A: You will receive your first $250 stipend in your May, 2008 paycheck and your second $250 stipend in your May, 2009 paycheck.

Q: When I have completed and applied for the program the first time, when do I need to complete my next 30 hours to make my payments continuous?

A: Once you begin to apply for the certificate program, you are on a specific schedule indicated on the timeline. If you follow the timeline schedule, you can make your payments continuous.

Q: What if I have more than 30 hours accumulated? Can I turn in 30 and use the remainder in another year?

A: No, you may not bank hours. Once you have submitted your hours, you start over again. See the "coursework taken" timeline for the timeframe in which your next 30 hours need to be completed.

Q: Do inservices/workshops, for which I receive college units, count toward the Staff Development Certificate Program?

A: Yes, college units can be used for the Staff Development Certificate program.

If you need additional information regarding the Staff Development Certificate Program, please call Paula Thayer, Curriculum and Instruction Secretary,
at (805) 928-1783, Ext. 8147.