Board Members

John Hollinshead, 2016 President

Linda Cordero, 2016 Vice-President

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Ricky Lara

Ricky Lara, Clerk

JoAnn "Jody" Oliver, Member

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Veda Flores

Vedamarie Alvarez-Flores

ct Core Values

1. We believe every person has value and potential.

2. We believe in the power of teaching.

3. We believe families are critical partners in a child's education.

4. We believe the greatest learning occurs in a safe environment.

5. We believe all students should be given the best education possible.

6. We believe in being advocates for our district's excellence. 

7. We believe in dignity and respect for all.


We are here to prepare children to be successful citizens.


Our mission is to teach, to learn and to facilitate learning in a cooperative and safe environment.