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News From Parent Square

Nearly 500 people suggested a name!
The district received nearly 500 submissions for the name of the new elementary school! Thank you to the community for taking an interest and providing thoughtful recommendations! Many of the submissions were for the same names. There were 175 distinct names suggested. Most of the suggestions were the names of people who have made an impact locally or on our nation. Some of the names were based on the history of Santa Maria or local topography.

The School Naming Committee will begin reviewing all of the 175 names and discussing the merits of each of them. The committee will discuss the name suggestions several times, narrowing the list down each time. In late March or early April, the committee will present the Board of Education with the three most worthy names. At a public meeting (date to be determined), the Board will choose one of the three names to designate the 21st school in the district.

Published: Fri Feb 07 10:37:40 PST 2020