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Student Housing

The office of Student Housing is responsible for coordinating between the district and other government agencies, regarding student housing planning, population trends, school attendance boundaries, conduct studies, assist parents with student attendance boundaries.  Some of the agencies are Office of Public School Construction, State Department of Education, Facility Planning Division, and Division of State Architect.


Student Housing is responsible for coordinating the approval/denial of inter-district transfers. Students seeking intra-district transfers must be coordinated and approved, this office is the designated authority for those transfers.

Link to Boundary Verification Tool

Form 2018-19 Inter-district Boundary Agreement

Form: 2018-19 Intra-District  Boundary Exception Request


Form 2019-2020 Inter-District Boundary Agreement

Form 2019-2020 Intra-District Boundary Exception Request


Mike Grogan
Student Housing Technician