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Multi-Lingual/Multi-Cultural Services

The Multi-Language Learner Program provides services for students who have a language other than English in their home and are not yet fully proficient in English. 

  • English Learner Master Plan
  • District Advisory Committee

Program Goals

Bilingualism and Bi-literacy: Students develop a high level of thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing proficiency in English and the primary language.

Academic Excellence: Students strive for academic excellence in all subject areas, meeting or exceeding District and State Standards.

Multicultural Understanding: Students develop positive attitudes and appreciation toward world languages and cultures in our global society, promoting their involvement in world issues.

  • Initial English Learner Parent Information Guide

  • Initial English Learner Parent Notification Letter

  • Annual English Learner Parent Notification Letter

  • Home Language Survey

  • Reclassification Criteria

  • Reclassification Letter

The California Education Code contains legal requirements which direct schools to assess the English language proficiency of students. The process begins with determining the language(s) spoken in the home of each student. The responses to the home language survey will assist in determining if a student’s proficiency in English should be tested. This information is essential in order for the school to provide adequate instructional programs and services.
As parents or guardians, your cooperation is requested in complying with these requirements. When a child begins his/her education in California, the parents need to complete this form indicating the languages spoken at home.
For each question must write the name(s) of the language(s) that apply in the space provided.  Parents cannot leave any question unanswered. If an error is made completing this home language survey, parents may request correction before their student take the Summative English Language Proficiency Assessment for California.
  1. Which language did your child learn when he/she first began to talk?         
  2. Which language does your child most frequently speak at home?               
  1. Which language do you (the parents or guardians) most frequently use      
when speaking with your child?
  1. Which language is most often spoken by adults in the home?  (parents, guardians, grandparents, or any other adults)

Home Language Survey

Summative ELPAC Student Score Report Video

The Summative ELPAC Student Score Report Video shows examples of the Summative ELPAC Student Score Report along with explanations of the information on the report.

This video is recommended for parents and guardians, teachers, and educators who want to learn more about how to understand the Summative ELPAC Student Score Report.

ELPAC Overview Video

ELD Strategies


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