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District Library staff prepared and delivered thousands of books

The staff members of SMBSD’s districtwide library, the Instructional Media Center, have been working hard since they were able to return to work in person on July 16, after SB County Public Health approved the district office’s health and safety plan. 

Over the summer, the IMC received 120 pallets (not boxes) of Amplify 6th grade through 8th grade science supplies which included teacher materials, bins of science resources, and student textbooks whichfilledthe cafeteria at Liberty School. 

The IMC also received 173 pallets (not boxes) of Twig Kindergarten through 5th grade new science items which included teacher materials, resource bins, and student texts that filled the Taylor School cafeteria. The photos only show a small portion of the science materials that arrived.

In order to get the new science materials out, library records, barcodes, and item kit labels were created for each item. Every teacher kit item was barcoded, item-number labeled, and covered with a clear barcode protector. After that, each kit had to be assigned, repackaged, labeled, and put on pallets to be delivered to the correct school and teacher. All barcodes were entered into the Destiny library software program and items were checked out to specific teachers.

All of the science kits were delivered to schools by August 7.  Student books and materials were also delivered to schools and ready by August 7.

The work that the IMC staff started on July 16 is work that usually begins the day after the last day of school the previous year and continues throughout the summer months. This year, that time was just 4 weeks.

In 2015, the district approved a new Math program, and the IMC staff performed the same process to barcode, assign and distribute 17,800 textbooks plus other materials. In 2017, the same process was done for a new Language Arts program. In 2019, all new Social Studies books and materials were purchased and provided to the whole district. 

The Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science curriculums all have workbooks that the students use and write in throughout the year. That means that each year, before school starts, the IMC sends out more than 68,000 new workbooks and other academic materials. 

The IMC is currently working to send instructional materials and teachers’ editions to teachers who have moved to another school or who changed grade levels. That job will be completed soon.

This year, Covid-19 has proved to be a challenge in the district in several areas. However, the IMC has been working hard to get books and materials out to teachers and students. 

The whole district appreciates the hard work of the IMC Team. 

Published: Tue Aug 18 13:53:50 PDT 2020