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News From Parent Square

Help Preschool and PreKindergarten students succeed
SMBSD has scheduled three virtual meetings to give parents, caregivers and community members an opportunity to provide input about how the schools and district can best support the needs of the youngest learners before they enter school. The Zoom meetings will be held in either English, Spanish or Mixteco. Click   HERE   for information about the English meeting on February 5. Click   HERE   for information about the meetings to be held in Spanish (February 5) and Mixteco (February 8).

Parents and other caregivers will have a chance to:
Share their vision for their child's learning.
Tell the district what kind training and workshops they need.
Build a relationship with the District's Preschool providers.
Assist in creating a plan for their child after they leave Pre-K.
Tell SMBSD what tools they need to help their child succeed while they learn at home.
Tell the district what type of resources and services they want offered in the Preschool programs.

Please join us at a meeting to support Preschool and Pre-K children.
Published: Tue Feb 02 10:58:07 PST 2021