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Pre-Kindergarten Program

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Our Mission:

To provide quality early education for children and families which supports the development of lifelong learners in our diverse community.


We believe each child and family is unique. Positive early learning experiences delivered through developmentally appropriate practices can enhance a child’s lifelong attitude toward learning.  The family has the most influence on a child’s learning potential.  A parent’s increased understanding and skills can help enrich and reinforce the total growth of each child.  Therefore, our curriculum supports a holistic approach for children, families and staff to be actively involved in the learning process.  

Our creative/child individualized  curriculum model reflects, respects, values and supports the diversity of cultures, languages, abilities and strengths of every child in our program. To achieve our goals, we adhere to the principles and practices as defined in Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Programs, Prekindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines, and California Learning Foundations. Our classroom environments and curriculum reflect the diversity of our children and families served by our Programs.



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Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday during the 180 day school year, two sessions offered daily (A.M. or P.M.), 3 hours each session.

Who qualifies: Families of low income and there are no tuition fees due.

No Transportation: Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school every day.

Locations: Pre-K Programs are located at these schools: Adam, Alvin, Arellanes Elementary, Battles, Bruce, Fairlawn, Liberty, Libbon, Miller, Ontiveros, Rice, and Sanchez

Eligibility and Enrollment:  Children turning 4 years old on or before December 1, 2021 are eligible to register for Pre-kindergarten. A family must complete the online application and provide supporting documentation demonstrating gross family income.


Income Limits as of July 2021

Families must be income-eligible to apply.  Income limits are based on monthly gross pay, before taxes or deductions.  Please be certain of your monthly income before making an enrollment appointment or taking a registration packet.  Family size consists of parents/guardians and all minor children.


Family Size Max. 

     Monthly Income

1 or 2                 










7 $10,269



Birth Record

  • Original birth certificate for ALL children under the age of 18.

  • Don’t have the original birth certificate?

    • Valid passport (if one parent and child names are on it)

    • Baptismal certificate

    • UNHCR Refugee document/US Visa document with family members photos.

    • If your documents don’t include parents’ names along with the children’s names, please provide a marriage license as well or US Embassy document which includes all family members.

  • Why are all of your children’s birth certificates required?

    • Establishes age eligibility and family size.

Immunization Record

  • Updated immunization record for the child you are enrolling

  • Acceptable documents include the yellow immunization card OR a printout from the doctor/immigration office

  • Required immunizations:

    • Polio (IPV/OPV) = 3

    • DTP/DTap/DT/Td = 4

    • MMR = 1 (after the first birthday)

    • HIB = 1 (after the first birthday)

    • Hepatitis B = 3

    • Varicella (Chickenpox) = 1 or have had the disease.

Current Physical and Health Forms

  • A physical completed by your child’s doctor must be submitted with the enrollment application.

  • The doctor must note these on the physical form:  allergies, asthma, seizures, medications, and additional forms may be required.

  • Please let us know if your child will require any medication or other specialized health care procedures while at school, as an additional form from the doctor will be required.

  • Please download and print out the physical form.

 Proof of Residency

  • Provide two proofs of residence

    • Rental agreement or mortgage statement/property tax bill in your name.

    • Current utility bill or government form (dated within 30 days of enrollment meeting) with your name and address. 

  • Lease not in your name or living with someone else?

    • Complete the bottom section of the district’s Proof of Residence form (S 54) certifying that the family is living with another person. The parent and that person will sign and date this form.

    • If rent is paid, the parent and person receiving rent will complete additional forms to include names, address, how much rent is paid, and what is covered.

    • Current utility bill documenting the name and address of the account holder along with official mail in the parent name and address. 

Proof of Income

  • Provide one month of total income for all sources of income coming into the household for all parents/guardians in the home (including tips, cash income, IHSS, financial aid, child support, assistance from family members).

  • If you receive CalWorks, provide current benefit verification for cash aid, welfare, Section 8, or low-income housing.

  • If you are self-employed, drive for Lyft/Uber or if income fluctuates:  Provide 3 months of current income (profit-loss) and fill out the designated form.

  • If self-employed and are paid in cash, additional paperwork will be required.

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Director of Teaching and Learning

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Director, Pre-Kindergarten

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