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Purchasing Services


Patricia McKnight, Coordinator of Purchasing

Purchasing department coordination, formal and informal bidding, construction projects oversee District credit cards and disposal of surplus property.


MaryLou McDonough

Purchasing Technician
Processing purchase orders, Escape and Office Depot setup and support, researching discounts, issuing District credit cards, and fixed asset inventory.


Angela Gudmunds

Processing bids for goods, services, and public works projects up to $250,000.00, District wide copier program, assists with growth furniture and disposal of District surplus.

Warehouse Catalog - Order items from the warehouse catalog through Escape.  Use a Warehouse Requisition to obtain items. 


District Surplus- Click on this link to be redirected to a list of District Surplus items.

PPE Supplies replenishment form. Before your school site/department's PPE supplies get too low, please use the PPE form to reorder the supplies.

Patricia McKnight
Coordinator of Purchasing


MaryLou McDonough
Purchasing Tech


Angela Gudmunds