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Expanded Learning

Area of Focus:  Coordinate and support the design, alignment, implementation, and evaluation of all expanded learning services provided to students, including summer school, ASES, extended day programs, Saturday Schools, and Migrant Education programs. Working in collaboration within and across school sites, applicable district departments, and contracted community partners the Director is responsible for strategic development, organization and facilitation of services outside the school day that support the needs of students.


Area of Focus: Assist in directing, supervising, planning, and coordinating supplemental instructional and support services to Migrant students such as Extended Day programs, Saturday Summer School, health, and counseling services to help Migrant students overcome their educational disruption due to frequent moves.  In addition, assist with planning and coordination of school-wide and community-based recruitment of Migrant students.

Federal and State Programs

Area of Focus:  Support the development and implementation of various expanded learning programs including Migrant Education Program extended day classes, Saturday School classes and summer school.  Select materials and design curricular learning plans to assist teachers within the Migrant Education Programs.  Analyze student data to effectively place students in appropriate instructional programs.  Develop and deliver professional learning opportunities that focus on creating connections between regular school day and expanded learning programs.

MEP and Homeless Family Advocate

Area of Focus: Liaison between the Migrant Program, Migrant families, and other district programs. Prepares parent newsletters, flyers, and agendas. Enrolls students and parents in programs and events, enter attendance, monitor attendance, and services provided. Provides information and results including attendance related to student progress and participation in events, activities, and programs.

MEP Health

Area of Focus:   Coordinate health, dental and support services to eligible migrant students in the district.  Qualified migrant students receive medical treatment, physical exam, vision screening, free emergency clothing, Behavioral-mental health services, dental clinics, free emergency clothing and referral services. 

MEP Recruiters

Area of Focus: Identify potential migrant families and determines program eligibility for Migrant students.  Interviews families and youth in order to obtain information from parents, guardians, and others regarding the child’s eligibility for the program following State and Federal guidelines.  Communicates with new families in our district how our local school system work, and services available for migrant children and their families in the community.

MEP Instructional Aide

Area of Focus:  Perform a variety of instructional duties pertaining to the reading and math skill development process; assist in the conduct of intensified learning experiences; perform routine clerical and supportive duties related to classroom activities; assist a certificated teacher in providing instruction to individual or small groups of limited or non-English speaking students; monitor and report student progress regarding behavior and performance; translate for community members, parents, and teachers as assigned.


Laurie Graack
Director, Teaching & Learning Supplemental Programs 

Eduardo Panting
Assistant Administrator, Migrant

Kristina “Tina” Duran
Program Specialist,
Supplemental Services

Erin Reaves
Program Specialist,

Jenifer Heck
Program Specialist,


Rob Bergan

Leya O'Neal

Susan Patterson


Kurt Payne